Why choose Berea Placements?
We care. We connect. We are the people, people.

We are a small dynamic team with collectively more than 60 years’ experience working at Berea Placements. A small team equaling huge experience. Our size allows us to be swift, sharp, adaptable, inventive and creative in delivering on your requests and needs, be it talent you are looking for or a new contract.

By choice, we adhere to Legal Compliance of Statutory Requirements:

  1. We are registered with the Department of Labour as a Private Employment Agency.
  2. We are registered with the Compensation commissioner for COIDA.
  3. We operate in accordance with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, entitling career seekers to benefits.
  4. We utilise a SARS approved electronic payroll system ensuring full Tax Compliance,
  5. We ensure compliance to UIF contributions of all career seekers.

Our Commitment to High Standards, Ethical Practices and Professionalism in the Health Industry:

  1. We voluntarily participate in a self-regulatory quality assurance program ensuring the highest levels of compliance to industry standards,
  2. We utilise quality entrance exams to verify theoretical capabilities for all nursing categories,
  3. Employment Contracts are constantly reviewed to ensure alignment with and application of new legislation.
  4. We and our Staff adhere to a Code of Ethics.
  5. We are committed to conduct business with integrity, transparency, mutual respect and professionalism.


At Berea Placements, we specialize in the following sectors:

See what our customers say about us

It is a priviledge for me as a parent of a TBI patient, to recommend Berea Placements Bloemfontein. My son was in an accident and it left him with severe brain damage. He was in a rehabilitation facility in Bloemfontein. The medical aid said my son needs to go to a step-down facility. We as parents, from K, did not know what to do. My cousin said that she worked with Berea Placements and she will find out from them. Man, oh man, what difference did this make for us. The Sister came to us at the rehab, evaluated our son and did everything on our behalf. The negotiations with the Medical Aid, recruiting of care workers, helping us to find a facility (bare keeping in mind that he can’t be facilitated in a Home for elderly, because of his younger age). They really ran the marathon with us and everything worked out well. The next year we decided to bring our son home, because of too much travelling from Bloemfontein to K. Well, here he is in K, Berea in Bloemfontein BUT only a call away. The Sister comes once a month and if there is anything, I can just phone them and they do sort it out.

L.J. from FS

I wish to confirm our appreciation for the continued business relationship started as far back as 2010. This office now takes the opportunity to compliment you for the professional manner in which the needs of this project is always attended when experienced locum staff is needed, especially at short notice. This is specifically applicable to the need for general medical practitioners and diagnostic radiographers, but not excluding the hunting of registered nurse locums on a regular basis. Thank you for being a trusted partner in the success of my business and a partner that I am able to recommend without any hesitation.

F.K. from FS

I hereby wish to state that for the past 2 years I have made use of Berea Nurses Institute, procuring nurses for our hospital. All categories of nurses have been procured and I have been impressed with the service they have provided. I have found the administrative staff I have had dealings with, extremely friendly, polite and efficient at all times.

V.B. from WC

We have been most impressed and pleased by the prompt, professional, respectful and efficient services we have experienced on an around the clock basis, seven days a week. We can truly say that a most harmonious, amicable working relationship prevails with BEREA’s staff, always friendly, accommodating and helpful, even to the extent of following up individual cases to ensure that all is well, and that appropriate personnel are placed at the right time and place. We would not hesitate to recommend BEREA’s services …

E.L.M. from WC

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